Hi! We are so excited that you found R Roots Catering!

Our story started simply enough, we fell in love, and both loved cooking. So it seemed like a good plan to build our business around the things we love: great foods, entertaining our friends and family, and recipes inspired by our hometowns.

Connecting people through food is our primary motivation. We have fond memories of sitting across the table and breaking bread together as a family – it’s just the way we’ve done always done it. Those meals shared with loved ones are some of the best experiences of our lives.

As our business took off, we realized that we want you to experience a little piece of our family in what we do for you, and we want the opportunity to help you create an experience for your next event.

Community and connections are so important to us and what we do. We love to partner with local businesses for events.

We welcome the opportunity to discuss what you’re looking to create!

-Helen & Chris