Marker-Miller 50th Anniversary

We are so honored when we get to help celebrate incredible milestones.

There is nothing like a family gathered over food to celebrate. Celebrations of love are so special. It’s not every day that we get to provide food for a golden wedding anniversary!

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June 29, 2019 – 50th Wedding Anniversary Celebration

John and Carolyn Marker of Marker-Miller Orchards are a fantastic representation of a Godly couple who has been together hand and hand through life’s ups and downs.  They’ve worked together on the farm as long as they’ve been married.  There is such an amazing display of love in them and through their family and friends!

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As Chris and I navigate the world small business together, we are grateful for inspiration such as John and Carolyn to aspire in our business and our marriage.  Growing something we can be proud of, and doing it well is vital and these two are a beautiful example of that.  

Happy 51st Anniversary to the Markers!!

– Helen

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